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Cable detection is an essential service for many industries as it allows you to manage the potential risks of excavating around buried cables. Cutting or crushing these utilities is extremely hazardous; this is why it is important to seek advice from trained, qualified professionals with years of experience operating specialist equipment. Subvision guarantee the highest levels of accuracy and precision in all that we do, delivering unparalleled customer service to our broad client base.

We are a team of experienced cable detection specialists

Over the 19 years we have worked in this competitive industry, our expert team has gained superior knowledge and no job is too big for us; in the past we have been involved in major projects all over Essex, London and nationwide including The Shard and Heathrow Terminal 2. Meeting and excelling your expectations is our goal because we strive to always put the needs of our clients first. We believe it is very beneficial to keep everyone informed throughout the survey process and our team is on hand at all times to offer guidance should you require assistance locating cables. Our services are designed specifically to detect cables below the ground and identify how deep they run.

Cable Detection

Why cable detection is so important:

The highly competent surveyors here at Subvision have been trained for years, not months, in the use of the latest technology; our locator receives the signal emitted from electricity cables which in turn means we are able to determine their location and direction. Cable detection must be undertaken prior to any planning, construction or excavation work to prevent damage being caused by sharp points or heavy machinery. It is often possible to acquire records that show a map of the area below your site; however these are rather unreliable as they can be old or incomplete.

With our cable detection service, you get real-time information about buried utilities to give you and your team peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that cables will not pose a threat to your project.

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