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Subvision Surveys use state-of-the-art CCTV equipment to carry out CCTV surveys and provide a full, comprehensive service.

Our CCTV drainage teams provide a full and comprehensive CCTV Condition Survey Report of the required drainage system.  Subvision Surveys use the latest pan and tilt crawler camera systems, which can survey large diameter sewer pipes. Push rod camera systems are used to survey small diameter pipes up to 225mm in diameter. We issue our clients with a full WinCan CCTV Condition Report and DVD of the completed survey.

Subvision Surveys also undertake man entry sewer condition surveys for pipes that are too large to use a CCTV system. Sewer condition surveys are vital to gaining an understanding of the existing condition of a drainage system.  The purpose of a CCTV Survey might be to evaluate the suitability for reusing an existing drainage network or to verify its condition prior to undertaking nearby construction work. A pre and post condition survey might be required to monitor the condition of a system before and after construction work takes place in its vicinity. All of our operatives are confined space trained and fully accredited.

We tailor each survey to meet site and client requirements. A CCTV drainage survey allows us to thoroughly inspect a drainage or sewer system and identify specific faults, defects or obstructions that a drainage system may have.

What is included in the final CCTV survey report?

Clients receive a high quality video recording which can either be on a DVD, USB memory stick or in MPEG format over email. Along with this view of the surveyed pipe routes, a written report is issued. This is produced in-house using the latest Wincan date software by our specialist fully trained and certified CCTV assessor. Your completed report includes details of all recorded, relevant information such as identified defects or obstructions. Our surveying team also provide recommendations and advice relating to the drainage system in question. Every written report that we produce for a client passes rigorous quality control procedures before it is issued.



CCTV Surveys

Combine our range of services for the best CCTV survey results

To cleanse a drainage system before a CCTV survey takes place, Subvision highly recommend using high pressure water jetting as this ensure that the survey is as accurate as possible. Our surveyors are fully WTI trained in pipe and brick sewer classification coding, and have been fully confined space trained. This enables us to offer man entry condition surveys in watercourse culverts or man entry size pipe or brick trunk sewers where a CCTV crawler system might struggle on uneven surfaces. We provide a wide range of services including pipe location and utilities clearance surveys.

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