GPR Surveys GPR equipment uses high frequency radio waves that transmit into the ground. When the wave hits a buried service or object, the signal is reflected back to the antenna where it records the variation in the reflected signal.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar surveys) can be utilised in many areas, including the location of buried services, underground voids, underground tanks, large objects, buried obstructions, buried manhole covers and chambers, and the variation in ground strata such as trench routes.

GPR Surveys

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

The depth range of GPR can vary due to ground conditions and ground make-up. Good penetration is achieved in dry sandy soil, but in moist and/or clay soils, and soils with high electrical conductivity, penetration can be limited.

Subvision Surveys Ltd would always recommend undertaking a GPR survey in conjunction with an electromagnetic survey, to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate underground utility survey available.

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Subvision Surveys provide GPR Surveys in EssexSurrey, London, Kent, Billericay and the surrounding areas.

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GPR Surveys

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