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A utility mapping survey is critical to gaining an understanding of the buried assets within a given area prior to construction or the design phase of a project.  It provides the client with peace of mind before breaking ground. There are multiple purposes of undertaking a utility mapping survey but the primary objective is the safety of the operatives on site.  By commissioning Subvision Surveys to undertake a utility mapping survey, it provides the client with a good understanding of any buried utilities present within the area of interest. Public utilities are often present within a given site which need protecting or diverting.  This is critical in the deign phase of a project. It is critical that a utility mapping survey is completed at the first stage of a project, which will provide the client with the information necessary to safeguarding their operatives on site and to also ensure that no services are struck when intrusive work takes place on site.

It is essential that a Desktop Utility Study is undertaken in conjunction with a Utility Mapping Survey, as part of the HSG47 legislation.  By commissioning Subvision Surveys to undertake a Desktop Utility Search, ensures that all known utility assets are accounted for. The Public Utility Stats Plans are vital in ensuring that the survey is completed thoroughly. All of our utility mapping surveyors are certified with an NVQ Level 3 or NVQ Level 5 certification. Our surveys are completed to PAS128 or PAS256 standards which gives our clients peace of mind. We ensure our surveys are completed to the highest standards possible. This is what we expect from our teams and what our clients expect from us and we always ensure we deliver on quality.

There is a network of public utility systems running underground all over the country, including telecommunication, gas, electric, sewers, road lighting and pipelines. Since these utilities are hidden beneath the ground, it is essential that you are aware of them before starting any destruction or construction project to avoid causing any damage.

Hitting or cutting one of these services will not only delay a job, but it can be very hazardous and affect the profitability of your job, so it is important to seek help from trained professionals who have the skills needed to locate buried utilities. Rather than relying on old or incomplete record information, our surveyors will use the latest technology to give you real-time data about the area below your site, identifying the depth, route and type of each obstruction. Our utility mapping services are cost effective and offer an overall view, compared to other more intrusive methods.

Utility Mapping Services

We Are Utility Mapping Specialists

Years of extensive in-house and external training gives our staff unrivalled knowledge in the use of our high-specification RD8000 & CAT4 electromagnetic tracing equipment and IDS Detector Duo GPR equipment. This invaluable experience and great work ethic means that your project is in the best possible hands. Safety is our number one concern on site and you can rest assured knowing that every member of staff has been CRB/DBS checked and approved. They also hold valid CSCS/PTS safety cards and, because we only hire highly qualified and reliable surveyors, we guarantee to deliver accurate results to every client.

Our utility mapping services are second to none and with over 60 years of combined industry experience behind us, Subvision Surveys are more than qualified to undertake any sized project investigation, so call us today for more information. We welcome any enquiries or questions about our wide variety of quality services, so feel free to contact us if you feel we can be of service to you in the future!

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